At Jack's Ultra Sports Indoor Paintball and Lasertag, we have the absolutely most fun facility in Conway and Little Rock Arkansas, Our indoor Ultra Lite Paintball is a exciting experience, even more fun that 4 minutes of Go carts, or boring putt putt golf. Conway newest fun park is Jack's Ultra Sports, indoor paintall and lasertag.

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We suggest ages 8 and up for paintball, however we do not have a restriction on age. Our paintballs are LOW IMPACT, and are great for all players! The paint does NOT stain, but we still suggest wearing clothes you don't mind them playing in. No time-limit on paintball, their time is determined by ho‍‍‍w long they can make the paintballs last!

Our indoor arena is clean and fun! You can literally play anytime! Day or night, any weather! Jack's Indoor paintball is a great Friday night family fun idea. On a date? PERFECT. What better way to show someone you truly care about them then with a friendly game of Paintball!

WALK INS WELCOME! Fun for everyone, Bring the family! Open Every Friday night, Saturday a‍‍‍nd Sunday!

Call: 501-932-6677

Text: 501-205-9440

655 Equity Avenue

Conway, AR

We politely ask, No outside drinks in Jack's. We sell bottled water, Powerade/Sodas for $1 and $2.    Cake and food may be brought in‍‍‍. We thank you for your cooperation.‍‍‍

$39.99 per playe‍‍‍r to DO IT ALL!

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About Jack's Ultra Sports Low  Impact Paintball